English country Style: A cozy home library color palette

green-walled library

Green is the perfect color for a home library. It is cozy, soothing, and classic. I made a video about the color palette we developed for our home library. We wanted an English country house feel. A masculine room – an elegant man cave. I hope it helps you choose the best green for your room.

If you prefer to read, the transcript follows the video.


Hey this is Kathleen from oldworldfarmhouse.com and today I wanted to talk to you about a great color palette if you’re looking for a cozy green palette to do a home office or study or library.

The color palette is Sherwin-Williams Lounge Green, Sherwin-Williams Rookwood Shutter Green trim, Sherwin-Williams Ivoire, ceiling, and Valspar Brilliant Metals Aged Brass.

I actually took these colors from a color match from Farrow and Ball colors because since I was going for an English library look I wanted to look at English paint. Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green for the walls, Farrow and Ball Studio Green for the trim, Farrow and Ball String, and there’s no metallic paint for Farrow and Ball so I don’t have a match for that.

red chair, green wall
Our Green Library
carved fireplace mantel
Our Home Library

I think green for a library or home office is awesome if you want that English country look. If you look at pictures of English country libraries, they’re not all green, but a lot of them are.

green walled library
The Library at Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Francesca Grima, Unsplash
table, chair, lamp, books
Calke Abbey, Derby, UK, Nicola Nutall, Unsplash
green paneled library
English Library of the Queen Anne Period, 1702-50, Narcissa Niblack Thorne, Art Institute of Chicago
green wall, gold framed paintings
The Breakfast Room, Calke Abbey, Phil Sangwell, United Kingdom, Wikimedia Commons

The English seem to love green and then too I think that if you get the dark green trim and the bright green walls, it can really evoke the English countryside, or your countryside, where there’s so many different shades of green from light to medium to dark outside and bring that in and it’s such a cozy feel.

stone wall in field
Hope Valley, Peak District UK, Magda V, Unsplash
grey clouds, green valley
Mam Tor, Hope Valley, UK, Greg Wilson, Unsplash
stone village, clouds, green peaks
Ambleside, UK, Maria Ilves, Unsplash

This is Hughenden Manor where prime minister Benjamin Disraeli lived. This is his study.

green walled library
Hughenden Manor by Simon Q, Wikimedia Commons

This is Todd’s warehouse in York, England, which I guess they had a library in their warehouse. It looks absolutely beautiful.

green-walled library
Todd’s Warehouse, Stonegate, York, York Museums Trust

And here you can see that beautiful dark greeny blue trim that goes so well with the brown color of books. I wonder if they used Studio Green.

dark green bookshelves
Trinity College Dublin Library, Henry Be on Unsplash
dark green trimmed bookshelves
Trinity College Dublin Library, Gabriel Ramos on Unsplash

So these are just great colors for our study, we’ve got Ivoire Sherwin-Williams on the ceiling, and then brass metallic paint by Valspar on that crown molding, Rookwood Shutter green, Lounge Green on the walls.

green, gold, ivory walls
Our Home Library

I love English country style. If you love these topics too and you have a passion for them, please check out my blog oldworldfarmhouse.com. Thank you so much for watching.

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