Khaki Green Paint Colors for french country style

three khaki green chairs

I compare and contrast two traditional khaki green paint colors: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Olive and Sherwin-Williams Cocoon. They are both perfect for a French Country or Paris Country Style look on your painted furniture. They will give you amazing results. They are both my new favorite neutral to complement almost any other furniture and decor. I hope this video helps you find your go-to neutral paint. If you prefer reading, I’ve posted the transcript of the video below.


Two Traditional Khaki Green Paint Colors

Hey! This is Kathleen from and today I wanted to talk about two beautiful khaki paint colors, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Olive, Sherwin-Williams Cocoon. They are both great for indoor furniture.

All right, well, it’s obvious from my two chairs, the one on the left I painted in Olive by Annie Sloan and the one on the right in Cocoon by Sherwin-Williams. And the paint chip card, on the color card these colors look identical. You can see that they’re not.

Which color is best?

I think these are both gorgeous shades of khaki. This is my chair that I wanted to cover all over in a little wash of olive and then ran out of the paint because I unexpectedly loved it and started painting lots of things with it. So I went and got some Sherwin-Williams Cocoon. according to my eyes on the color chips and sample cards, looks exactly the same as Annie Sloan Olive, but then as we saw on my chairs, hmm, pretty different.

Olive is greener, Cocoon is browner

My chairs are a more accurate colour sample than the color cards. The Olive seems a lot greener. So I’m going to cover up this patch that I couldn’t before with my brush and we’re just gonna see if it blends in with the Annie Sloan Olive. My Cocoon color has dried and let’s see if I can tell a difference from where I have painted olive.

I just think both colors are wonderful. I do think they could interchange for each other, even though, as you can see, they are really not an exact color match. But they are very close.

This is my favorite, favorite neutral for painting furniture. Either olive by Annie Sloan or cocoon by Sherwin-Williams. Both paint colors give amazing results.

I used to love Chateau Grey by Annie Sloan the best.

But that was before she came out with her Olive. Olive is kind of a newer color for her. I think it’s just a little more serious than Chateau Grey it’s got a little bit more brown in it, but in a good way. It really does look like pale olive leaves. Sherwin-Williams Cocoon really does look like a cocoon. The color names do a great job of describing the subtle difference in the two colors. Olive is slightly greener, and Cocoon is slightly browner.

So much complexity and depth

I was very skeptical before I bought my sample pot. I was like, I don’t know why I’m wasting my money on this color, it’s just not going to be very exciting, but it’s one of those colors that’s not so exciting on the chip, or even in the can, but when you get it on you’re like, oh my gosh, I love that color it’s just so interesting and complex. It’s a great neutral because it’ll bring out the prettiness of the browns in the room it’ll also look fabulous with any red. It just it plays well with so many different colors and it really gives that classic French painted furniture look.

Classic, traditional, and very French

It is a traditional green decorative paint color for furniture. It will give your old furniture a traditional green painted furniture style. So Annie Sloan Olive or Sherwin-Williams Cocoon. A French Provincial or like a Paris Provincial or Paris Country, French Country look.

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